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Rack Power Distribution Unit

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  • AP9016A

 Rack Power Distribution Unit PDU,power distribution cabinet to provide professional solutions for cabinet applications.
 A-rack D&D PDU Rack power distribution unit provides power distribution for rack-mounted electrical equipment designed products, with different functions.Combination of installation and a variety of different plug   bit series of specifications that can provide a suitable rack power distribution solutions for different power environment.PDU
 applications,but power distribution cabinet is more tidy, reliable, safe, professional, and beautiful,and to maintain the cabinet's
 power is more convenient and reliable.


P/N: AP 9016A
Dual Input: IEC60309 32A, L+N+PE plug
Output : 14 IEC60320 C13 Outlet + 2 IEC6-320 C19 Outlet

Mechanical Dimension
Low Profile  1600mm(L)*55mm(W)*60mm(H )

Electrical Features
Outlet Level Manageable, Switch On/Off via internet/intranet, V,A,VA,Watt,Var,Hz,PF, kwH reading on each outlet
The rated input voltage :200 V- 230 V
Input frequency :50/60 Hz
Acceptable input voltage :220-240 VAC
Maximum input current :32 A
The load capacity :7360 VA

High interruption capability Circuit Breaks

Remote Monitoring and Alarms
Comprehensive overload monitoring Access, configure, and manage remotely via web, SNMP, and telnet
Log and track power and capacity trends

Full Control individual outlets
Turn unused outlets off  
Recycle power to locked-up equipment
Unauthorized use of receptacles
equence power-on
Avoid in-rush current

User defined alarms
Remote alerts

Supported Network Protocols
SNMP v1/2c, V3



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