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Raccoaisle Containment Systems

 Hot aisle/cold aisle is common consideration for data center. Closed top plate install in the top of hot aisle/code aisle to make the area closed. From the point of the whole room air distribution, closed aisle physically isolated hot and cold air, effectively eliminate the traditional hot and cold air mixing, reduce the waste of hot and cold air, and maximize cooling efficiency.
 Lightweight top plate                    
 Can be easy installed, maintained or disassembled.
 Provide customizable size to meet all kinds of aisle to implement integrated fire control, can open automatically
 Supporter in the top can meet any kind specification aisle.
 Modular design
 Modular and self-contained closed design. The two cabinets in both sides of hot or cold aisle is one unit, can be installed separately, provide scalable solutions as demand increase or decrease.
 Integrated fire control can be implemented for every top plate. Once fire signal alarm in room, the top plate will open automatically, and fire extinguishing gases can enter the aisle.
 No threshold design, convenient for wheelbarrow.
 The window is made of perspective tempering glass with high mechanical strength, good permeability. Black coating of cold rolled steel plate borders and cabinet style is consistent and also coordinated with the computer room.
 Automatic door structure
 The sliding door can be closed automatically, can be installed door access system and can be opened from inside to outside if an emergency occurs.
 Providing customized solutions for your special requirements,
 Can be rapid deployment of micro module products

Aisle Containment
       Item        Name        Qty(kit)
       1        Rack        4
       2        Bracket        1
       3        Top Frame        1
       4        Ceiling Panel        4
       5        Door Frame        1
       6        Right Door        1
       7        Left Door        1

Ceiling Panel

       Part No        Dimension        Description
       ACR 0 61200        600mm*1200mm        Fixed ceiling panel
       ACR 1 61200        600mm*1200mm        Double open ceiling panel
       ACR 1 61200-C        600mm*1200mm        Double open ceiling panel with integrated fire control
       ACR 0 81200        800mm*1200mm        Fixed ceiling panel
       ACR 1 81200        800mm*1200mm        Double ceiling panel
       ACR 1 81200-C        800mm*1200mm        Double open ceiling panel with integrated fire control
       ACR 0 61500        600mm*1500mm        Fixed ceiling panel
       ACR 1 61500        600mm*1500mm        Double ceiling panel
       ACR 1 61500-C        600mm*1500mm        Double open ceiling panel with integrated fire control
       ACR 0 81500        800mm*1500mm        Fixed ceilin panel
       ACR 1 81500        800mm*1500mm        Double open ceiling panel
       ACR 1 81500-C        800mm*1500mm        Double open ceiling panel with integrated fire control


       Part No        Description        Used On        Height
       ACRS 6 150        Bracket        600mm rack        150mm
       ACRS 8 150        Bracket        800mm rack        150mm

       Part No        Description        Width        Height
       ACD 12120 A        Sliding Door        1200mm        1955mm
       ACD 12120 R        Sliding Door        1200mm        2000mm
       ACD 22120 A        Swing Door        1200mm        1955mm
       ACD 22120 R        Swing Door        1200mm        2000mm
       ACD 12150 A        Sliding Door        1500mm        1955mm
       ACD 12150 R        Sliding Door        1500mm        2000mm
       ACD 22150 A        Swing Door        1500mm        1955mm
       ACD 22150 R        Swing Door        1500mm        2000mm

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