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FiberworX Optical fiber cable tray


 FiberworX Optical fiber cable tray


 Product Structure

       Item No        Item name
       1        240 Horizontal Cross
       2        240 Connector
       3        240 Duct 400
       4        240 Duct
       5        240 Inside(up)Bend
       6        240 Outside(up)Bend
       7        240 Horizontal Tee
       8        240-120Vertical Vertical Tee
       9        240-120 Horizontal Tee
       10        240 Horizontal Bend
       11        240 Duct 2210
       12        120 Outlet Cover
       13        120 Outlet
       14        120 Duct
       15        120 Connector
       16        120 Vertical Tee
       17        120 Horizontal Cross
       18        120 Inside Bend
       19        120 Outside(down)Bend
       20        120 Horizontal Tee




 Easy to install,good flame retardant property,and is the best ideal facilities for optical protecting.
 Traces on the cable for the room.

 Protects the fiber from damage.

 Ensure that the fiber meets the minimum turning radius

 Supports multi-directional fiber alignment.

 Provide redundant storage space jumper.

 solate different types of cables.

 Semi-enclosed structure, easy installation, alteration fiber.

 Optional cover

 Main parameters
 1,Thermal rating:-25℃~+55℃;

 2Relative humidity≦85%+40℃);

 3Atmospheric pressure70kpa-106kpa;

 4,Even color,smooth and clean.without flash,dark bubble,shrinkage,depression or mechanical damage,and other defects:

 5Dielectric performance test is done before and after constant temperature test,the communication 4200V(rad value)industrial frequency sine wave voltage is applied between internal and external surface for 1 minute.After test insulation resistance is no less than 20M.
 6,After low temperature test,the sample does not appear breaks or brittle fracture
 7,After the stated conditions of aging,impact test,the sample doesn’t crack or brittle fracture
 8,Plastic combustion performance

 (1)Plastic injector,extruder products combustion performance accords with level FV-0 of GB/T2048-1996

 (2)Corrugated pipe combustion performance accords to level of FV-2 of GB/T2048-1996.

 Partial installation renderings









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